It is needed and immense pleasure to congratulate you on stepping into the portals of GURUKUL an institution Build by Excellence, Backed by Experience. Our joy knows no bounds. The college in its endeavor to insure competence at all levels of education instead maintain high standard in terms of teaching learning research faculty and infrastructure.
Education is a process of imaprting knowledge, deeloping the power of reasoning, judgment, wisdom, special skill and intellectual enrichment for a mature life. GURUL stands as trendsetter for knowledge before entering into theri actual technical and managerial carrers.
The instituete offers a unique synchronization of the best in contemporary education and value based on personal enrichment programmes the enable the young scholar to live a worthy life through applications of intellectual reches and ethical powers. The world is witnessing a revolution in all the branches of science technology management. These are the backbones of economic, social and other developing activities prevailling in a country.
the evolution of new technologies, particularly innovation and research and increasing intense competition and challenges with a collective resolve and unity of purpose GURUKUL prepare the students to meet these challenges at global level, by imparting quality of education and grooming there personality through special intense program to shape them to competent men and women for others.
we make efforts to be unique. that uniqueness spring from the world view that we, the jesuits have about the education. we want to focus of formation of character that can demonstrate competence, commitment, creativity and compassion. ultimately our students should become innovative in the ways they involve solution of problems the society and large faces. the innovation and competitiveness have a dynamic, mutual relationship by virtue of it plays a key role in the achievement, generates new jobs, cultures of entrepreneurship and promoting economic growth.
teaching faculty is the heart of any institution. well qualified faculty members are there and they have put in theri best to take this institute to remarkable heights teaching is all about dedication, sacrifice,love,affection. such qualities are inherent in a good teacher and we are proud to have such faculty members with us.
a disciplined life within the campus of GURUKUL is sole objective which will help in imparting the quality education. a sound techniacal knowledge within a disciplined young man having national feeling with high moral character and fellow felling is the objective of GURUKUL and we are very sure, one day GURUKUL will be a model of the country.
Dr. Atul Arora
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